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TIPE is a subscription service operated by the Grand Affairs Group team as a service for bouncy castle hire companies and others

interested or involved with inflatable play equipment.

The annual subscription fee is currently £50.00 inc VAT per year

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“ we are very impressed by TIPE and glad we joined up.

Castles ‘R’ Us - Surrey”

“Best £40.00 I spend each year and really great value for money. Information and assistance is first class and accurate

Huff ‘N’ Puff - Hertfordshire

“TIPE has been most valuable to our company, it keeps us up to date with industry news, provides quick appropriate impartial advice and is working for the good of the industry

Big Fun UK - Norfolk”

“TIPE offers a great line of support and information. A very valuable service for anyone in the ‘play’ industry!

Innovents Leisure - Berkshire

“Just a quick note to thank you all at TIPE for all your help over the past 12-months. All the staff at What a Giggle have found you excellent over the year and more importantly you have saved us time and money in every aspect!

What A Giggle - Devon”

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TIPE is extremely grateful for the continued support from the following companies

The Inflatable Play Enterprise (TIPE) provides a service to its subscribers that

will assist them in running a successful, safe and profitable business.

TIPE achieves this by providing timely and accurate information

as well as a full telephone back up service.

TIPE works directly with the HSE, RPII, PIPA, MUTA, AIMODS and other agencies

to ensure that subscribers are fully aware of any changes in legislation or other

requirement they need to fulfil to meet any statutory needs.

TIPE also provides a FREE advisory service to

the National Confederation of School Parent Teacher Associations (NCPTA) members, schools, voluntary organisations & event organisers

If you are looking to hire a bouncy castle for your event visit our information pages

 to find out how to book a safe inflatables and enter this UK directory to find a

TIPE registered bouncy castle hire company in your area

If you are looking to subscribe to TIPE then click here for full information


Please read our Terms and Conditions of Use before using this web site

The Inflatable Play Enterprise (TIPE)

1. Mission Statement

The Inflatable Play Enterprise aims to promote the highest standards of professional practice, responsibility, safety and ethics within the inflatable play industry. All Subscribers to The Inflatable Play Enterprise are required to endorse and affirm the Code of Conduct and uphold the standards laid down in this document.

2.  Code of Conduct

Subscribers to The Inflatable Play Enterprise shall, at all times, uphold the good standing and reputation of The Inflatable Play Enterprise and in fulfilling their daily responsibilities shall:

  1. comply with all statutory and other legal requirements of the country in which they work
  2. ensure the health and safety and well being of all employees
  3. ensure that the health and safety of participants using the inflatable devices is paramount
  4. only allow the use of inflatable play equipment in safe locations and as per BS EN 14960:2006, the Health and Safety at Work etc Act 1974, Provision ad Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998
  5. only allow the use of inflatable devices that have a current annual test certificate
  6. ensure that all equipment is installed correctly as per BS EN 14960:2006, the Manufacturers/Suppliers instructions or any other relevant Standard/Regulation
  7. ensure that supervisors are fully aware of the safe operation of the unit they are supervising. For dry hire ensure that the client is furnished with a full set of written operating instructions
  8. ensure that they have sufficient third party Public Liability Insurance and Employers Liability Insurance. Manufacturers and Suppliers must also ensure that they have Product Indemnity Insurance.

All Subscribers to The Inflatable Play Enterprise shall:

  1. always conduct themselves in such a way as are appropriate for gaining the respect of the general public, their clients, their employers, their employees and other organizations with whom they come into contact
  2. uphold the reputation of The Inflatable Play Enterprise and refrain from acting in any way likely to bring The Inflatable Play Enterprise into disrepute. All subscribers to The Inflatable Play Enterprise shall actively promote the interests and reputation The Inflatable Play Enterprise.
  3. report any alleged breach of the Code of Conduct  to The Inflatable Play Enterprise. There will then be an investigation to determine if there is a case to answer.  If there is a case the complaint will be considered by a Disciplinary Panel, in accordance with The Inflatable Play Enterprise Disciplinary Procedure. The respondent will have a right of appeal to an Appeal Panel.